A new ‘blogroll’. Unfortunately the slick new Rapidweaver 5 template I purchased doesn't allow for sidebar content to be positioned in the actual sidebar - very annoying. Anyway, here are some old ‘links of interest and a few newer ones. Enjoy!

A Few Links of Interest

A few links of Interest. Feel free to comment or send other ideas along. Please peruse my ‘links to other work’ to the right to see some of my other short fiction, humor, and/or satire offerings…


Links to Other Satire/Humor Offerings

Updated links to some of my other satire/humor offerings. Hope you enjoy them.

Feathertale: Bonobos, Transmogrified Barbie Library & Tangential Insights

McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Yub Jub Means Devour the Weak & Progressive Cowpoke

The Big Jewel: Shaolin Monks & Quimby's Revenge

Monkeybicycle: Circumstances Under Which I will Bite

Also I have quite a few pieces up on Yankee Pot Roast. Even got my own archive (actually everybody gets an archive, but it sounds impressive...)

Here are a few of the better ones: