Barbeque Shapes - Cheddar Too!

A quick post - seems Arnott’s couldn’t decide on a proper name, so they just went with ‘shapes’. Not sure if that’s just incredibly lazy or intentionally obscure on their part. Still some poor soul spent a good deal of time on the logotype, which also sucks have to say. If you get something to work with like this, couldn’t you try something interesting? At least several different… shapes?

Also the fact that they have hexagonal barbecue shapes and rectangular cheddar shapes makes no sense. Does anyone care? Is anyone blindly reaching into the box, then feeling relieved when they feel eight sides? Whew - thank god these aren’t those rectangular cheddars. Perhaps they use them to train chimps to sign?

Finally the moniker doesn’t exactly make you want to rush out and buy some. You know what I could go for right about now? Some shapes!


Summer Vacation and/or Holiday

Just returned from our annual US visit, which included time in Canada as well. And yes they still have a queen on all their money, though she’s not actually Canadian - well technically she is, but - its a little complicated…

Anyway, despite lingering 12 hour jet lag I hope to post some suitably snarky imagery and/or commentary very soon. Thanks for to any and all loyal readers for checking in, and welcome to any newcomers who’ve stumbled onto the site expecting reverent posts about Hello Kitty and/or the Queen of Canada...