Gimp Rolls, Scoubidous & Boodogglers

I came across this potentially unsettling item in the ‘meeoowwch’ craft store. Not being an especially scrapbooky person, the first thing that came to my mind was the gimp from Pulp Fiction. Somehow I don’t think that’s what the store had in mind...

Turns out there’s a bourgeoning underground of Gimpers, though calling them that may get me impaled by scrapbooking implements. Apparently they prefer to call themselves Boondogglers. Of course there’s another camp that refers to the art as Scoubidous. Sounds like a Harry Potter faction. Probably is one. Anyway I also wondered if the Boondogglers and Scoubidousers ever have craft-fair brawls, or travel in armed packs and pick off the occasional old or weakened apostate. Maybe they even have occasional defections to the ‘dark side’, and they knit up elaborate (and incredibly strong - this is plastic lace coated wire) restraining devices for their fallen sisters. Or not.


Paddle Fastah! I Hear Banjo Music!

A t-shirt selection from a tourist-trap in Bar Harbor, Maine. Have to say that equating the locals (and by extension yourself) with the Ned Beatty-raping, ‘squeal like a pig’ hillbillies from Deliverance isn’t a sound business decision. Still these shirts were everywhere, so someone must be buying them. I’m surprised they didn’t also throw in the usual Maine accent joke and put ‘Fastah’...



A get well card from a gift/scrapbooking/yarn shop in Maine, which appears to have carried the same stock since 1972. I was stopped dead in my tracks by the plight of Mr. Fluffington however. Shouldn’t puns this bad be illegal?

Regardless, it seems he’s had a bit of an run in with a car tire, though I’m sure with enough overindulgence and expensive medical care (no driving over the border to Canada for him - only the highest jacked-up US medical fees will do!) he’ll be purrfectly fine. Or is that pawfectly?

Which reminds me, why aren’t there cards like this that say meowtherf***er? Now that’s a card I would buy without hesitation. And my respect for the store that carried it would rise exponentially too.

I actually thought about buying this and sending it as a joke, but the thought of keeping a card around in case one of your friends gets sick was, well, sick. Also I don’t know that many people who could absorb such toxic levels of snark while still recuperating...


Long Hiatus & Thanks

Greetings - just a quick thank you to the tens of readers who check in reliably, and a welcome to the occasional surfer who stumbles in looking for legitimate Hong Kong product and/or music reviews. Also apologies for the long hiatus - we have just returned from a long visit to the US, and I hope to post some new stuff very soon. I also hope to upgrade my cutting-edge blogware to update the page design, and hopefully allow for implanted videos etc.

As always thanks for stopping by and tell your friends and enemies.