Hello Kitty Safe to Protect Your Priceless Hello Kitty Regalia

For anyone searching for the perfect place to store your priceless Hello Kitty(™ © ® etc.) regalia. Now you can store your Hello Kitty jewelry, Hello Kitty-shaped diamond, photos of your Hello Kitty tattoo, and (most precious of all) your Sanrio stock certificates in fully licensed style. Of course why anyone would require a Hello Kitty safe is beyond most mere mortals like myself. I tend to put my safe in an inconspicuous location (it being a safe and all). And make no mistake this is the real McCoy with all the trimmings - fireproof, digital lock, tempered steel, the works. You’ll sleep easier knowing that any safe cracker worth the name will be deterred by those cold dead eyes and oddly positioned whiskers...


Mustache Party with 'The Smarty' & 'The Casanova' & 'The Scoundrel'

Another posting that pretty much writes itself. I love the Saturday night fever pose and flirting couple - ‘hey nice mustache. Really goes well with your candy red dress’. What better excuse for a party than the chance to swap sweaty self-adhesive mustaches with friends or potential one-night stands? But are you ‘the smarty’, ‘the casanova’ or ‘the scoundrel’? Of course at a proper mustache party, you can indulge all three fantasies. Now they just need a second updated set, perhaps with ‘the unsettling pedophile’ or ‘the wispy hipster’...


Crunchatize Me Cap'n!

A quick post after a long break. I needed something to kick off the dust, get me motivated to blong again. And nothing invigorates you like a gum-shredding, sugar-jagging "bowl o’ the Cap’n’. His unsettling floating eyebrows notwithstanding, I’m happy to return that snappy salute. Crunchatize the world, Cap’n!