Dog Owners Don't Give a Crap

I continue to be struck by the ridiculous level of attention (and money) people lavish on dogs here, but the laziness and arrogance of their owners is even more stunning. For every 'responsible' owner or helper who carries baggies and a squirt bottle to (marginally) clean up after their pet, there seem to be two more who leave it for someone else. Of course they then glare defiantly at anyone unfortunate enough to witness thier pet shitting on the sidewalk, like they are not culpable, but actually entitled to leave feces wherever they please. Hell why not just take a dump in the street yourself? What's the difference really? And who are you to point out that shitting in the street isn't such a good idea? They own a dog, thank you very much...

As with most major cities (though not Tokyo I noticed) dog shit in the streets and parks is a constant nuisance in HK. The (unfortunately) few areas clearly marked 'no dogs allowed' are quickly taken over by dogs anyway, and their owners bristle when politely reminded of the sign they just walked past. They seem to genuinely believe they are exempt from such silly things as laws or public hygiene.

I have no intrinsic hatred of dogs - i actually feel sorry for some of the more freakish breeds - but i have developed an intense dislike for city dog owners. As I tell my daughters when pressed to get one ourselves: dogs are much happier in the country or the woods, not cooped up in a flat all day. They are not meant to be in cities, and their owners (with obvious exceptions - the elderly, 'seeing eye' etc) - can't expect everyone else to indulge their selfishness, ignorance or vanity.