Aaah! It's... One Braid?!

This is a poster for the upcoming halloween celebrations at Ocean Park, a local (and quite successful) theme park. In the past their decorations have been way overboard, especially considering their main clientele are families; impalings, blood and mutilated bodies are a bit much for kinder.

This is more along the lines of traditional Chinese ghosts, a spurned woman returned from the grave with a vengeance. If you've seen the famous 'Chinese Ghost Story' movies (which I highly recommend by the way) you've seen the deadly 'hair extension' motif before. This one takes that even further, with a nasty single braid lashing out from the enraged ghost's head. No idea why her head is backwards, but perhaps that's why she's so pissed off. I love the street sign as well; I guess she's famous enough to have a whole road named after her.