YUBZ, YUSUK; Retro at its Worst

I came upon this wondrous invention in the city'super design store. I'm guessing that YUBZ stands for 'you buzz'; also I assume these can also be found being dragged around soho (NYC, not HK) and other painfully fashionable environs. Apparently someone hit on the ingenious idea of making a cell phone earpiece into an actual-size old school handset - so much for decades of miniaturization and technological breakthroughs. Note the convenient belt and backpack carrier options below. I think this will do well with those who are now assaulting our sensibilities with day-glo 80's sweaters and leg warmers - not a good idea then, criminal now.

This would be kind of funny, if not for the uber-hipster niche marketing. Honestly why not get a WWII backpack radio transmitter and haul that around Manhattan (ironically of course) or perhaps an iPod with an RKO gramophone tulip mounted on your shoulder. How fashionique!