Cosmo Living Chic Condo

Perhaps no phrase I’ve come across sums up the local definition of success than this tagline for a local development. Hong Kongers are the most unabashedly materialistic people I have ever come across; it’s almost refreshing in a way, as they are totally unapologetic about it. One strives to succeed and one shows off the results. The number of roccoco furniture and chandelier stores here are staggering - there seems to be a generational idea here that success is defined by Loius XIV chairs and leopard skin couches. It’s a bit like nouveau riche texans - without the accompanying rudeness or swagger (yes I have been to texas and of course not all texans swagger; although they do seem to truly believe that they have the biggest and best ribs, oysters etc. and that they have the biggest texas-sized helpin’s). And yes they both are wielding magic wands...

Euro Sofa Mondo

A newer variety of upscale HK lifestyle - modern pseudo european. There are of course quite a few high end italian furniture retailers, catering to a younger taste than the cosmo chic set. I couldn’t resist the potential pillow fight motif - “La Dolce Vita” indeed.
In the interests of full disclosure I should mention that I bought some ‘italian design-chinese execution’ (mainland knockoffs) - from them and have to say they were very nice + accommodating. They even volunteered the chinese origins of the pieces, something locals don’t always do.

He's Back and He Told You So

I'm not usually one to quote Ace Frehley (who is?) but I thought it appropriate considering that it's taken me several months, two web providers, three site builders, etc. to get the blong up and running again. Thanks to the handful of people who politely asked 'where the hell is the new content?'
I've scavenged my first few original posts and will be putting them up soon as well. Still figuring out the place image option in Rapidweaver, which I highly recommend by the way. Far superior to Word Press (well meaning but ponderous at best).