A Puzzle Steward of One's Own

Perhaps one day you too will be wealthy enough to employ your very own puzzle steward, specifically tasked with no other responsibilities, so that he can concentrate his considerable talents on the creation and maintenance of puzzles and puzzle making implements. Note that this steward carries all the necessary accoutrements for high-end puzzling, including a fresh bottle of rubber cement and a selection of medical grade calipers. Wouldn't want his gentleman to sully his pristine hands with puzzle dust (or god forbid traces of befouling glue). It seems this bank has run out of ways to portray ostentation; after you have the cars, furs, jewelry etc. you need to get creative. Actually I've heard the true sign of wealth in Hong Kong is a lawn mower, as few can afford property with an actual lawn.

She'll Regret That Tattoo Later...

I came across this at one of the local pharmacies. Not sure what the Statue of Liberty and eyeliner have in common, but it does make for an damn inspirational tattoo, even if it is temporary. I think I'll get the male equivalent between my shoulder blades, perhaps a Washington Monument with 'Lectric Shave 2009' emblazoned below. I wonder if she had her eyeliner tattooed as well; that would at least save her the 45 minutes it must take to apply a 1/2 inch thick line of mascara...

Jumbo 747 Smell Killer

When you've got a nasty refrigerator odor on the metaphorical scale of a passenger jet, it's time to reach for Jumbo 747 Smell Killer. Note that it doesn't just mask the odor, it kills it, maybe by blowing out the door and catastrophically depressurizing the freezer. No oxygen masks for this unwanted passenger! I also like the rather mystifying inclusion of a rainbow in the packaging.

Of course if you have a smell the size of a C-130 or the new Airbus, well god help you son.


What Sub-prime Collapse?

Apparently the marketing department at this HK bank didn't get that memo about a global real estate meltdown. One can imagine a frisky up-and-comer at the brainstorming session;"Hey boss, let's go with a couple cavorting on the beach of their newly purchased island! That's sure to bring in prospective homeowners!" Perhaps the couple looks so happy because they're fleeing their mortgage payments, or better yet they sold just moments before the market collapsed. The marketing guys could give the ad an apropos update, maybe change the mountain behind them to an erupting volcano...