YUBZ, YUSUK; Retro at its Worst

I came upon this wondrous invention in the city'super design store. I'm guessing that YUBZ stands for 'you buzz'; also I assume these can also be found being dragged around soho (NYC, not HK) and other painfully fashionable environs. Apparently someone hit on the ingenious idea of making a cell phone earpiece into an actual-size old school handset - so much for decades of miniaturization and technological breakthroughs. Note the convenient belt and backpack carrier options below. I think this will do well with those who are now assaulting our sensibilities with day-glo 80's sweaters and leg warmers - not a good idea then, criminal now.

This would be kind of funny, if not for the uber-hipster niche marketing. Honestly why not get a WWII backpack radio transmitter and haul that around Manhattan (ironically of course) or perhaps an iPod with an RKO gramophone tulip mounted on your shoulder. How fashionique!

The Bloody Cleaver of Savings

Nothing says 'we're slashing real estate prices!' like a bloody cleaver. I stumbled on this gem outside a nearby realtor's office. It seems an enterprising agent took it upon themselves to liven up the sign outside - I hope they got a nice bonus for showing initiative. Of course a real cleaver would've been far more effective; and one dripping with the agent's actual blood, well one can only imagine the impact on sales...