Have a Very... Unsettling Holiday!

These are a few shots of a holiday display by Hysan, one of the more successful property developers here in HK. It's mounted on one of their most exclusive properties. I honestly didn't know what to make of this - obviously a lot of time and money went into it, but one wonders what the hell they were thinking exactly. The christ reference is pretty obvious - seems he has kept the halo but dispensed with the cross and bleeding wounds. He's also upgraded his outfit, no doubt because Louis Vitton and Dior are right across the street. Also he is quite capable of breaking out of two dimensions, but is choosing to stay behind and suffer for our fashion sins. I don't know what the albino peacock represents, nor the braided chef, who seems quite put out at having to cater the event. The magic-spark throwing child looks more like a safety ad for the dangers of present-generated static electricity. She appears to be falling into some kind of gift-based trap, and her sparkly powers can't save her; maybe fashionista Jesus can. And finally there's the traditional xmas fairy queen, complete with her famous dry ice well/pocket watch potted plant combo...

Uncle Chi Chi Wants You - to Get a Digital Perm

This is from a salon's door in Wan Chai. I have no idea how Uncle Sam is supposed to help Chi Chi Hair sell the $380 special to the locals, but as an expat Yank I was overcome by a sudden wave of patriotic zeal, and very nearly partook of the enigmatic 'digital perm' myself...

Baguette + Tequila + Genie = Party!

This is an older bus kiosk ad for a street party in Lan Kwai Fong, the premier expat drinking neighborhood on the HK side. I was taken in by his wild eyes, maniacal smile, and cross-cultural hindu god/genie combo. Here we have all the essential ingredients to a classic HK shindig - some old school vinyl, sushi, a freshly flown in Maine lobster, a large whisk, a margarita (although tequila isn't exactly popular here), and of course a fresh baguette... now thats a party.

Le Billionaire

Here is a an ad for a newer high rise. HK developers are always looking for swanky-sounding names (like 'the beverly hills', 'le villa de mansion' etc), but I like this nod to modern inflationary trends. no millionaires allowed - billiionaires only. I think the beams of light actually scan for non-billionaires, and eradicate them on contact. I suppose it's too ambitious to call a building 'le trillionaire' (at least outside Zimbabwe, where pretty much anyone still using the local currency is automatically a trillionaire...)