The BOSS of Them ALL

These are some vending machines in Kyoto. A great tag line - 'boss of them all since 1992'. Like most people, I was unaware that coffee had a boss, or that this was in dispute as recently as 1991. I Also love the choice of logo; a combination of John Steinbeck and some anonymous but determined British WWII general. Here are some of their more famous products: Bossccino, Bosspresso, Boss Calorie Off, Boss Double Black, Boss Rainbow Mountain Blend, Boss Begin!, Boss W.E.B. (World Executive Blend), Boss Silky Black and The Espresso. These all come in either cold or heated options. I've never seen a 'hot' vending machine in the US, but then again people don't generally buy canned coffee there either. Still its quite a lineup. I'm personally torn between Boss Begin! and Bosspresso.

And the mugshot of Tommy Lee Jones, their latest spokesman, is perfect - a mixture of world weary 'don't f**k with me' scowl and crumpled hangover. Again I was unaware that on top of his hectic acting career, Tommy had devoted himself to being Coffee Boss. He looks like it has taken a serious toll on him; alas 'heavy hangs the head that smokes the pipe'.