Hong Kong & the Swinish Flu

The wife thought mentioning the swine flu case here may alleviate concerns on our behalf. She assumes of course that this blog has a) visitors, and b) visitors that value my learned opinion on flu outbreaks and prevention. I do very much appreciate visits by the way, and comments even more so. Please feel free to leave a comment at the end of any posting that strikes your fancy.

One thing that I can say about HK - this is probably the best city in the world to be in during a flu outbreak. This may sound counterintuitive, considering SARS, etc but the fact is that HK has already weathered a pandemic, which by all accounts was far more dangerous than swine flu. Indeed as we speak the government has implemented hourly cleaning of public markets and restrooms, quarantined anyone even remotely connected to our Mexican tourist friend (who I REALLY hope didn't know he was sick before deciding to fly through CHINA, and its BILLION+ population, but I digress...)

This 'blong' is a great diversion for me, a platform to exercise my usually muted(?) sarcasm and general sense of bemusement. I fervently hope that the few (if any) locals who actually visit realize that its all in good fun. I would be just as snide - if not more so - if I stilled lived in the US and was critiquing DC. I actually really enjoy HK and have the utmost respect for the people here; most speak at least two wildly divergent languages, work their asses off, and are justifiably proud of their town.

HK is very good at what it does, especially considering the tropical climate and population. Which leads back to my original point: the 'authorities' here will deal with swine flu better than any US city could or will, just as they deal with monsoon rains, garbage, etc better than their US counterparts. Anyone who's been here knows that HK has arguably the best subway and airport in the world, and they generally don't f**k around with things like this. Its honestly stunning that there aren't more outbreaks, considering the number of people- as well as pigs and chickens - coming through here.

So hopefully this whole thing will work its way out - and we won't have school closings and travel restrictions. As I said the level of organization and damage control around health issues here is often a marvel to behold. Thanks for visiting and please return early and often...