Oh DJ Chimp Robo - Appear!

The next installment in the AKIPA 'mutant english' collection: DJ Chimp Robo - Appear! Our hero has been called by the city with a 'bat signal', in his case the word Appear emblazoned in cheesy cursive above their rather lame skyline. Note the fighter escort though, which if nothing else gives you a great sense of scale. And of course we have the now classic fox sidekick - why do all DJ chimp robot heroes have a fox sidekick? Good question.

Looks like DJ Chimp Robo already has his battlebot ready for action, with fists raised and laser javelins(?) at the ready. I'm guessing he has some serious decks and potent loops queued up inside his DJ fishbowl; and check out those mad headphones. Let's get a sample of his hard hitting tracks, sure to strike fear in the heart of... well... whoever dares do battle with a robot commanding DJ chimp!

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