Bla Bla Bra (keep a little secret)

This is a lingerie store in Mongkok. Not the most inspiring name for a brand, even if you give them credit for alliteration. They did spend some time on the logo - note the subtle 'speaking cloud' in the a of 'bra'. I don't recall ever seeing a mascot for bras before, let alone two - and definitely not one with a male version. In fairness I didn't get a look inside, so perhaps they have line of men's underwear (though having 'bra' in your name wouldn't bring in most men, unless you changed it too 'bbb homme' or something similar). I can think of only two reasons you'd have a male lingerie based entity; a) for breeding purposes, or b) to attract a cross-dressing clientele. Maybe that's what the 'little secret' is?