The Brutally Honest Wedding Dress

This is yet another bank ad in Central. I was obviously struck by the wedding dress, which is composed entirely of $100 HKD bills. Wow that's a serious train, but god it must weigh a ton (and smell awful, as anyone who's ever gotten a stack of cash from an ATM can attest).

Not to be overly cynical, but this is may well be the most brutally honest wedding dress ever made: hell just take out the cash and sew it all together, probably cheaper than actually purchasing and fitting a designer dress. It definitely calls in to question some of the other wedding expenses. In lieu of catering, why not put $50 USD at each place setting? Or why not have the father of the bride just hand out cash directly at the banquet? It does have one distinct advantage over a traditional gown though; rather than collect dust in the attic, you can keep this one handy, and simply snip off a few bills for groceries and utilities as necessary. Just try passing swatches of rhinestoned satin at the supermarket.