Dandy House Premium Whitening

A men’s slimming/skincare boutique here in HK. Apparently they started in Japan, which explains the name to a degree. Dandy doesn’t carry the same gay connotation there as it does in the US and ‘commonwealth’ countries I suppose. In fact, judging from the number of ‘dandies’ that festoon their anime cartoons and comics, having delicate elven features, bone white skin, foppish hair and an all-velvet wardrobe is all the rage. And the name is truly priceless - can’t imagine a more un-ironic moniker, considering their services; a nice vintage turn on ‘metrosexual’. Ah yes, let us return to the gilded age of dandified men, with lace handkerchieves and acerbic courtesan wit. Or perhaps a new crop of Oscar Wilde proteges, flinging brilliantly anachronistic turns of phrase into the flustered faces of pedestrian boors everywhere. Apparently you can now opt for the ‘premium whitening’ too - not sure if that just refers to just skin treatment, or if it includes ‘epicanthic fold’ surgery and faux-blue contacts as well. Or maybe a whole program to inject premium white dandy culture, so one can take of partake of ’CSI-Miami’ DVD sets, Hugo Boss body scrub, and suitably distressed Diesel jeans. Hell maybe they throw in some mayonnaise, the seminal ‘Hootie and the Blowfish’ album, a pack of Kraft American cheese (individually wrapped slices of course), a few seasons of ‘Friends’ and ‘Seinfeld’, and some J Crew mock-turtlenecks to establish a firm ‘white’ cultural base. And 50% off to boot!