Choking Edge, Want Me Sexy!!

This is sign for a hipster apparel line originating in Taiwan. I had some difficulty deciding whether to file this under 'fashionique' or 'super english force', but in the end had to go with verbiage over fashion. Initially I was only going to post this street sign, as the name 'choking edge' for - well, for anything really - is pure genius. I have no idea what the background texture is supposed to be; my best guess is tree bark. Choking, edges and bark don't seem to have much in common to me, but obviously I'm not hip, edgy or barky enough.

Then - out of morbid curiosity if nothing else - I checked out their website, and beheld this opening page.

Yow. Suffice it to say I felt it necessary to censor the image a wee bit, though I love the bold tag line - Want Me Sexy!! - not a question but a demand. I believe ZETETIC (the present in spirit) is their flagship brand, with shirts, hats and other fashionique items available. I was unable to decipher what 'ZETETIC' is an acronym for, though it certainly sounds choky and edgy. Unfortunately I couldn't navigate the site very well, but I did manage to see some of the other merchandise. My favorite is the 'I heart choking edge' assortment. Hell who doesn't?