Skyhop L. Bear is NOT a Vehicle

This is a t-shirt from AKIPA, a department store in Tai Koo Shing. They have a wide variety of 'faux english' clothing, but I only managed to get a few shots before I was approached by a rude plainclothes security guard. Having a Chinese store detective lecture me on copyright infringement truly made my day. I asked him where the sign that said photography is forbidden was, and he literally pointed at a blank section of wall and grunted 'there'. I thought at the time he was trying to keep me from stealing their precious language mutilations, but I realized later that he probably thought I was taking photos as evidence of their copyright violations. Oh well, I did get a few real doozies, like this one, which reads:

Skyhop: L.Bear Soda Imitation Flavor (I guess they couldn't get ahold of an authentic L. Bear, though they did get the colors right at least) - ! Attention - Please without melting it - Please do not throw out - Please do not get on - It is not a vehicle.

So you kids at home remember - do not to try to ride your Skyhop L. Bear ice cream pop under any circumstances.